Friday, March 14, 2008

Mr. Fingers - Ammnesia

Label: Jack Trax
Year: 1989
Styles: House, Ambient Techno

Review: (

The first Mr. Fingers LP out of the gates, though of dubious origins, is a classic compilation of the earliest, and most inspired, recordings by Larry Heard. Liberally sprinkled with seminal tracks like "Can You Feel It?," "Washing Machine," "Slam Dance" and "Bye Bye," Amnesia became virtually impossible to find several years after its release and remains one of the most sought-after documents of Chicago house. Though perhaps not worth the high price from collectors, it remains a brilliant Larry Heard collection.
- John Bush (Allmusic Guide)



slunatef said...

Thank. You. (looking for this one for a while.)

Anonymous said...

This is a sublime slice of history that still makes for good listening. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting these albums