Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aril Brihka - Deeparture In Time

Label: Transmat
Year: 1999
Styles: Ambient Techno, Detroit Techno, Tech-House

Review: (

Following the worldwide success of his "Groove la Chord"-featuring Art of Vengeance EP on Fragile Records (a Transmat sublabel), Aril Brikha delivered Deeparture in Time, an entire album's worth of similarly synth-heavy techno with a Rhythim Is Rhythim-like cosmic tone. In addition to the wonderful and heavily spun "Groove la Chord" (which reappears here in its original version as well as in remix form) and similarly patterned tracks like "On and On," the album also includes its share of more ambient tracks like "Embrace," "Otill," and the title track. The blend of these sedate tracks with the livelier dancefloor-orientated fare makes for a perfectly well-balanced listening experience, especially because the tone remains consistent throughout. Deeparture in Time overall is a magnificent debut effort for Brikha and an especially welcome release from Derrick May's semidormant Trasmat label.
- Jason Birchmeier (Allmusic Guide)


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