Saturday, March 15, 2008

D'Arcangelo - Eksel

Label: Rephlex
Year: 2007
Styles: Ambient Techno, IDM


This album should appeal to fans of more contemporary IDM releases, (Christ, Bola, Toytronic Releases, Etc).
D'Arcangelo's sound has shifted into less glitchy, more ambient fair, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. While past efforts suffered from extremes, being either too complex, or not complex enough, "Eksel" draws a compromise between both worlds, which rewards with repeated listens.


Part One:
Part Two:


Anonymous said...

fine album by new italian artist on aphex twins label - check out his excellent myspace page to listen to many more tracks

Anonymous said...

new? not really mate, d'arcangelo is old school at Rephlex now not to mention that they got lot more than that and with so many aka behind'Arcangelo

new album out now on Rephlex

Charmain said...