Monday, March 17, 2008

As One - Reflections

Label: New Electronica
Year: 1994
Styles: Ambient Techno, IDM

Review: (

As on other notable Brit-techno debut LPs from Bytes to Electro-Soma, the first As One album distills the influences of a very Detroit-styled attendance on moody melodies and intricate percussion programming. Tracks like "Mihara" and "Asa Nisi Masa" use an assortment of fragile effects and synth lines to belie the complex, phased rhythm patterns bubbling underneath. The first fruits of Degiorgio's worldbeat bent are visible with song titles including "Dance of the Uighurs" and "Moon Over the Moab."
- John Bush (Allmusic Guide)


Part One:
Part Two:


Anonymous said...

xxx from idmtrade here, i thank you for your work Acrocosm! nice start here. i'll be keeping my feelers out in this corner of the web now. ;¬]

Ommman said...

Your blog is eminent.
I do already have most of the stuff here on vinyl..(good old days :-)
But great to get it digitized.
Do you have more of As One's stuff..Reflections on reflections, Celestial soul etc?
All the best!