Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mouse On Mars - Autoditacker

Label: Too Pure
Year: 1997
Styles: Ambient Techno, IDM

Review: (

Autoditacker finds Mouse on Mars continuing to grow and improve, adding textures and detail to their dense, electronic soundscapes without compromising their sound. They still are indebted to Krautrock and dub, but they continue to add new sounds and styles to their music, including long ambient stretches and flirtations with drum'n'bass. There are no silent moments on Autoditacker — every inch of the tape is filled with rhythms, keyboards, and electronic squiggles. Each listen reveals new layers of the group's intricate arrangements, and the shifting instrumentation and themes recall the best adventurous jazz in terms of unpredictability. It's another stunning record in a distinguished, inventive catalog.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine (Allmusic Guide)


Part One:
Part Two:

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