Friday, March 14, 2008

Global Communication - 76 14

Label: Dedicated
Styles: Ambient Techno, Ambient

Review: (

Tempering the industrial tilt of their previous Reload material with slower, more graceful rhythms and an ear for melody unmatched by any in the downtempo crowd, Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton produced the single best work in the ambient house canon. The tick-tock beats and tidal flair of "14:31" are proof of the duo's superb balance of beauty with a haunting quality more in line with Vangelis than Larry Heard (though both producers were heavy influences on the album). On several tracks the darkside appears to take over — the pinging ambience of "9:39" — but for most of 76:14 the melodies and slow-moving rhythms chart a course toward the upbeat and positive.
-John Bush (Allmusic Guide)



slunatef said...

nice blog acrocosm. :) classics indeed. they don't make 'em like they use to, don't they? do you have 'Remotion: The Global Communication Remix Album', btw?

Anonymous said...

Gran Blog, Grandes autores y compositores electrónicos. Me emocioné profundamente al reconocer discos y producciones que marcaron mis gustos electrónicos para siempre en esa década dorada de finales de los 80 y 90 en elctronica. Gracias desde Chile. BCAP