Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sun Electric - Present

Year: 1996
Label: Apollo Music
Styles: Ambient Techno


In an era when the Aphex Twins and Black Dogs of the world had already established themselves as institutions in the realm of ambient leaning techno, Sun Electric never managed to break through. Despite being a great deal better than other albums of the time, "Present" slipped through the cracks at the time of it's release, and never gained a large following in North America. This may be ripe for change, thanks to positive retrospective reviews from prominent critics, and an internet fanbase not shy about trumpeting their favourite artists. The album is a combination of pleasing ambient techno moments like "Stimpak" and "Quaila", and more straightforward techno fair.



Anonymous said...

This is a WONDERFUL piece. Thank you!

Peter said...

Great to see you back posting! Sun Electric is one of my all-time favorite techno artists, also notable for being produced by maestro Thomas Fehlmann. Their albums never fail to astound. Cheers!

Pavel said...

many thanks from Rotterdam!