Thursday, December 9, 2010

Manna - Manna

Label: Apollo Music
Year: 1995
Styles: Ambient Techno


Another lesser known gem from the Apollo Music label, this self titled album from Manna is a collection of pureblood ambient techno tracks. There isn't a lot of experimental weirdness or genre hopping to be found here. Only a well constructed and satisfying ambient techno fix.



Antonio Gomez said...

Link Is Broken! FIx it, please, i'll come back to download the file.... thanks!

Acrocosm said...

The site may say it's temporarily unavailable for short periods of time, but it's still there. Try again.

Antonio Gomez said...

Ok, it worked properly. Thank you very much, i had put your blog in my RSS Reader and i'm downloading everything you publish... well work, you give me new music every week. Thanks.

Cheers from Spain!

Josh said...

This album is great! Manna From Heaven is one of my alltime favorite ambientsongs. Nice to have it in digital format now.. thanks!

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