Monday, June 9, 2008

Carl Craig - Landcruising

Label: Blanco Y Negro
Year: 1995
Styles: IDM, Detroit Techno

Review: (

A bright, shimmering epic where critics and fans had expected more moody breakbeat electro, the debut Carl Craig LP appeared after years of production work and marked the first of many times when Craig was obviously making his own way, oblivious to what critics might think. Beginning with the sounds of an automobile starting up on "Mind of a Machine" (complete with warning bells and a seatbelt click), Craig introduces us to his man-machine world, where cruising I-96 west of Detroit is a sublime night-time journey, conjuring visions of Trans-Europe Express and "Strings of Life" instead of What's Going On. The single "Science Fiction," "Technology," the title track and "Einbahn" continue the journey to its close back in the garage. Landcruising was a change-up for critics, but as usual, Craig proved up to the expectations.
- John Bush (Allmusic Guide)


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kamagra said...

Highly recommendable as introduction to Detroit's techno music, It was the first techno album of my grandson. Nice post.