Sunday, June 1, 2008

Psyche/BFC - Elements 1989-1990

Label: Planet E
Year: 1996
Styles: Ambient Techno, Detroit Techno

Review: (

Elements 1989-1990 compiles much of Carl Craig's earliest output before he started his own label, Planet E, and began to achieve increasing levels of popularity with side projects such as Innerzone Orchestra and Paperclip People. The Psyche tracks were released on Derrick May's Transmat label, and the BFC tracks on May's other label, Fragile. Though relatively lo-fi and primative by today's standards, this is quintessential Detroit techno and showcases Craig's talents as producer even at this early point in his career when he was around age 20. Thankfully these rare tracks were compiled by Craig on this 1996 CD compilation released by Planet E.
- Jason Birchmeier (Allmusic Guide)


Part One:
Part Two:


Anonymous said...

10/10 for posting this.If u hadn't,i wud never have gotten 2 hear it again.

Anonymous said...

thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!

that track GALAXY, it's one of the best track ever for a detroit song. i love this song. i had the vinyl, sold it and now i am hearing it again.

amazing!!!! this was true detroit techno at the time.

this and dan curtin's first album and some john beltran and of course underground resistance.

i will post some underground resistance on my blog soon.

again, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

i love forever the tracks " elements " , " chiken nodle soup " and " neurotic biavour " . thank carl craig
. ( douzi280570.

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