Monday, April 7, 2008

Loop Guru - The Fountains Of Paradise

Label: Cleopatra
Year: 1999
Styles: Ambient Techno, Ambient Dub, Ambient

Review: (

Through the 1990s, Loop Guru recorded three installments in a series of ambient projects they called Catalogue of Desires. The first two were cassettes sold only at the group's concerts, while the third volume was officially released in 1996. Fountains of Desire plucks portions of the material from the initial two volumes, remixing and reworking it into an updated single-disc collection that in places actually improves on the originals, even if there are still some dull, overly repetitive passages that don't quite achieve the desired hypnotic effect. However, there are some interesting worldbeat-flavored touches sprinkled throughout that help make up for it, at least for more dedicated fans.
- Steve Huey (Allmusic Guide)



Anonymous said...

thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias :)

sinntia said...

a few days ago a friend gave me a musical present from this band. My body and my soul stays calm and enjoy how the air starts changing into another thing, I lover music from the bottom of the universe. a Few seconds ago I realised I´ve never thanked the people that share this magic,so. youy are the first. Thanks for sharing magic, it´s inevitable wanting people to liesten to this kind of air...

Anonymous said...

This is a very low key effort by the band and is good but their other albums are considerably better. I urge you to check them out.