Sunday, April 6, 2008

Atom Heart - Aerial Service Area

Label: Fax
Year: 1995
Styles: Ambient Techno, Experimental

Review: (

"ETI Encoding," the first track from Victor Sol and Niko Heyduck's collaborative Fax debut, consists of little more than a modulating tone paired eventually (about five minutes into it, in fact) with a similarly modulating harmonic. Somehow, this minimal setup manages to be both engaging and provocative, an uncanny effect which sets the tone for the whole of this remarkable album. Though subsequent tracks feature a wider palette of sounds, Aerial Service Area's beauty lies in its calm economy, similar to the best of Pete Namlook's or Vidna Obmana's solo works. The album also features Atom Heart's Uwe Schmidt on three tracks.
- Sean Cooper (Allmusic Guide)


Part One:
Part Two:


Anonymous said...

no link? i humbly request +N (atom/victor/stocha)'s ex.s. i've been looking for it for aeons..

Acrocosm said...


garold said...

any chance you could upload ex.s? and/or +n's other releases.

cant find em anywhere
cheers :)

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