Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beaumont Hannant - Basic Data Manipulation

Label: GPR

Year: 1993

Styles: Ambient Techno, IDM


Although respected within the IDM community for his work, Beaumont Hannant remains the most criminally overlooked artist of the Artificial Intelligence era.

Boasting an ear for both lush ambient soundscapes, and abrasive audio shrapnel, he is perhaps the only producer from the nineties deserving of a comparison to Aphex Twin.

Most apparent on this, his first release, is the unique way in which Hannant structures his compositions.

While contemporaries such as Britains Mu-ziq mimicked the stylings of Richard D. James (almost to a science), Beaumont Hannant reached the same heights, while maintaining a sound unlike anyone else from the period.


Nikola G. said...

Is... is Acrocosm back?!!?11

Unknown said...

is he?!!?!?1

Unknown said...

Hey! Archive seems to be damaged. Downloaded it twice - same shit. Am i the only one having troubles with it?

Anonymous said...

I have just downloaded & played this file, & I have found no problems with it.

Nightlight said...

Glad you're back

kanishk said...

yes there is prob in downloading

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Unknown said...

Hi Acrocosm.
Great album.
Track 02: Sym-phon
Mind blowing.

Do you have this album on FLAC?
I´m looking everywhere.

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